Reporting Bugs

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Ok so you invested in GSDfaster and there is a bug. What's next?

My primary intention is to always address user feedback (bugs, suggestions, hellos, et al). This product is constantly evolving. Growing more remarkable every release. Please expect some level of bugs along the way. I support this app out of my love for getting things done. I am not a company. Please read about my philosophy here.

If you found a bug contact me

If you found a bug, email me:

This email goes directly to me (Ernest), the founder of GSDfaster. So you get to hear from the horses mouth. And please always include a screenshot. A picture is worth a 1000 words and will speed up the communication.

Please Avoid

  • Leaving a negative comment on iTunes. Apart from hurting the app’s rating it doesn’t help anyone really except for the ego to vent. When you email me feel free to vent 

  • 1 liner emails. Please be explicit and explain the steps for me to reproduce the problem. Again, a screenshot is worth a thousand words.