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I love reading customer testimonials on iTunes for the app I hand built. Writing code is not like the celebrity lifestyle portrayed in the media or the fun tv series Silicon Valley. It takes time, and more time and many curse words later something works lol.. So being able to break away from it and read all the positive customer reviews is like a shot of energy for the soul. So I decided to hand pick a few customer testimonials from between December 2015 and January 2016 and share them with you.

I love reading customer testimonials. They give me strength and energy to continue supporting GSDfaster. Knowing that someone else apart from me is finding value in the software I built is the strongest form of giving. And doesn’t cost much to provide feedback and acknowledge good work. Just a few minutes to rate the app on iTunes. Thank you to these amazing users of GSDfaster for taking the time to evaluate and support GSDfaster.

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Hand picked customer testimonials


Awesome thoughtful app w simple interface
What can you say other then I have tried everything and this is the best. If you follow the instructions it will humble you

my self-esteem and testosterone went through the roof. Individual results may vary, not tested on animals

by Smittykendrew via the App Store

Organized my life
If you do GTD you need this app. Period. Don't try n retro fit some other app. This is the one to use!

by MarketingDirector via the App Store

Very nice!
I write very few reviews for apps. I either need to be completely in love with an app or completely annoyed with it - and enough so that I feel it's worth opening my mouth.

This app is fantastic. You can tell it's a labor of love and used by its creator - not just an app to make a few bucks on. Even some of the settings have links to explain the dev's thought process and the pros and cons of using them.

I have tried *many* task apps. Everything from Omnifocus to Wunderlist and dozens in between. All of them had failings. Either too involved or too simple. Data entry was too cumbersome or my data was locked into the app. Privacy was out the window or there was no syncing at all.

This app covers a lot of bases without becoming a mess. It stays out of your way and let's you actually get things done without dedicating hours to your list or having to spend time with tutorials. Everything is intuitive.

Honestly, the only thing I would ask for is some kind of desktop or web based client. That's honestly (for my use) not even a huge issue as my phone is always near by and data entry is just as quick on the phone as it would be from a keyboard.

Well done and looking forward to future updates.

by Nonproductive via the App Store

I love that writing a note is only one touch away.

by teaforthecat via the App Store

Very satisfied
One of few truly usable GTD apps! Simply does what it has to do, no complicated fancy stuff, no questions or manuals required! Really love to keep my head clear and tasks organized with this small helper!

by _ig0r_ via the App Store

Better than the powerball !!!
This app makes me feel better about myself & raises my self esteem. If you don't use this, you don't like yourself

by Smittykendrew via the App Store

The Best To Do App
I have tried over 22 To Do apps and this is the only one that is easy, syncs with my Outlook account. I feel more control of my day because the app facilitates organization that is simple, effective, and allows for enterprise synchronization.

by Saljm via the App Store

Only App that works
I've tried many reminder apps, even using post it notes in real life... but nothing has worked like this. Highly recommend this app, especially for anyone with Adhd/add/bad memory

by Codie2eisae via the App Store

Been using this thing for months now. Clean and smooth ui. Easy to understand and use! Check it out!

by Reprockless1581 via the App Store

Great app for managing fly-in-your-face action items
This app is very simple, yet it enables the management of a wide array of actionable items with ease. Quickly capture thoughts, not worrying about where they fit into the priority stack, until you have time to do that exercise properly. The developer is very responsive, and has put together a gem of an app.

by Trunksi3 via the App Store

Use it every day
I really love this app. It's simple enough to use but flexible enough to keep my tasks organized well. I'm getting stuff done faster!

by M&M341 via the App Store

What an App!
This app makes me feel better about myself & raises my self esteem. If you don't use this you don't like yourself

by Smittykendrew via the App Store

Best I've found, and I've tried many
Including really premium GTD apps. Please add charts to buckets to visualize the state of things to do in each bucket.

by Ashley D. lavalle via the App Store

Now this is a GTD method app
Too many apps today claim to be GTD but fail to live up to expectations. GSDfaster is the only app which I have found to live up to expectation and over deliver. Really digging the buckets and prioritization of notes using Dwight Eisenhower's urgency-importance decision matrix. Keep up the awesome work folks!

by Harris Gillispie via the App Store

Awesome thoughtful app w simple interface
What can you say other then I have tried everything and this is the best. If you follow the instructions it will humble you

Can't wait till the update that will allow sync between iPhone and iPad

by Smittykendrew via the App Store

Great design & well executed
Simple and elegant like all apps should be. Love my GSDfaster app :)

by Belden632 via the App Store

Great app; I love this app!
Works as advertised. Bulletproof GTD app!

by Lakers632. via the App Store

This is the most awesome to do app ever invented and this is coming from someone who loves to do apps. It is also nice to be able to switch things into different folders and easily move things around. You also have multiple lists so you can stay very organized and if you mess up you can just move it from one place to another. It's also super easy to delete tasks. I love it!!!

by Po6dee2ahk via the App Store

Still my favorite to do app
I oscillate with adhd but the pendulum always swings back to GSDfaster. My fav app! Now lives in my home screen.

by John V. Valdez via the App Store

Works well
I have always had a problem trying to work from a paper to do list. With this todo lists app it's simplified and centralized. Brilliant!

by HelenA539 via the App Store

GTD and Pomodoro fusion!
it's a match made in heaven. You organize your stuff todo and then you do them with the help of the pomodoro technique to focus. Brilliant fusion of brain tools!!

by Clura.Hankl81 via the App Store

Great app, crisp UI
Great, lots of good features for free! Brilliant across platforms.

by Rozer-6y via the App Store

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