GSDfaster or GTDfaster?

Get Stuff Done Faster or Get Things Done Faster? Which GTD app is right for me?

GSDfaster vs GTDfaster – what is the difference? I’m glad you asked. Both apps are GTD focused. However one ends there and the other evolves far far further than just a simple GTD app. Here’s the breakdown and comparison of the 2 apps.

GSDfaster GTDfaster
Getting Stuff Done faster Getting Things Done faster
GSDfaster (Get Stuff Done faster) extends the GTD concept with additional productivity features GTDfaster (Get Things Done faster) is purely focused on [David Allen’s GTD method]. GTDfaster is a product which purely focuses on notes collection & context processing
GSDfaster Benefits GSDfaster Benefits
Simple work flow and process Simple work flow and process
Comprehensive features Limited features
Lifetime email support. Here's Why. No support
Continuous updates and developments Lags behind in updates
GSDfaster Features GTDfaster Features
The Pomodoro Technique to help you focus on 1 item a a time utilizing a 25 min (default) timer to get stuff done No Pomodoro Technique
Urgency-importance decision matrix uses Dwight Eisenhower’s popular decision matrix to help you by make better decision what to do with a note you just collected No Urgency-importance decision matrix algorithm
Native Calendar Integration pain free integration with your iPhone or iPad native calendar. While many apps try to replicate the iOS calendar without much success GSDfaster integrates tightly so you can also have your dues synced across devices No native calendar integration
Sync between devices & Backup your notes using iCloud Drive. This means you can have your iPad talking to your iPhone and sharing notes. No sync. Local storage only and limited to 1 device
Apple Watch support. Now you can speak notes, ideas et al to your watch and have them recorded in your iPhone app for later GTD Processing. No Apple Watch support
Small 1 Time Investment Supported by Annoying Ads

1/2 the price of your morning coffee

GSDfaster is a small long term investment while GTDfaster is free, limited and ad supported. Those ads can get annoying at times, so if you like the app please upgrade to GSDfaster. While coffee will give you a hit of productivity and pleasure for 30 mins max, GSDfaster will delight and keep you productive for a lifetime. It is a small investment for a lifetime of productivity goodness.