GTD, ToDo Lists & Pomodoro timer

GTD, ToDo Lists & Pomodoro timer

Get stuff done faster and be more productive

GSDfaster is a Premium Productivity tool with your privacy in mind to getting stuff done faster and stress-free. GSDfaster empowers you to offload your ideas and stuff into a trusted source.

Collect Stuff into trusted source

1. Collect Stuff

The 1st thing you will notice when the app starts is the "Collect" box.

With the GTD method, your goal is to capture stuff (catchall word) throughout the day; and only when you have free cycles process it (step 2).

2. Process Stuff

When you have few minutes of free time, classify and schedule collected stuff from your Process bucket.

If it takes under two minutes to do something, it should be done immediately. Otherwise move it into a Projects bucket. You can also use the Pomodoro timer to help you focus and get stuff done faster.

Learn more about the GTD method.

Process Stuff using GTD method
Focus using Pomodoro timer

3. Focus using Pomodoro timer

Multitasking is a Human Delusion. Counter to common belief our brains do not multi task.

This is where the Pomodoro Timer forces you to focus on 1 task at a time into 25-minute intervals.

Learn more about Pomodor timer and GSDfaster.

Use it with iCloud to privately sync your data

GSDfaster iCloud sync and backup
Why privacy matters; learn about our philosophy behind incognito product development.

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